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Super-Blogger Trip to Costa Rica

In my invitation to this blog I teased you with a promise to chose 6 of the participants to come to Costa Rica as my guests,” and provide more details. I also covered myself with the proviso, ”assuming enough people get involved to make it (the blog) worth continuing.”

Given the enthusiasm of the over 60 responses that we have gotten so far, the blog and the trip are definitely on so, as promised here come the details:

For a start how am my going to choose?

I can already see that it is not going to be easy.

In a comment posted on December 15 Michael McGowan raised a possible problem:

“Hi Michael, I am happy to participate. One caution, although you have more marketing experience than I do. 
 Possible conflict of interest if blog comments from participants can be rewarded with a travel perk. Would hate for a nasty marketing backlash if your competition wanted to make something look scandalous.”

I replied:

“Good point. The idea is not to reward people for saying wonderful things about me, Costa Rica Expedition, or even the blog. The idea is to use the blog to select a few people who together would create a magical few days. I am working out the idea as I go along. More in a few days.”

Then on December 16 my good friend Annie Ellicott from Leap Up Marketing weighed in:

“…The more interactive, the more creative and the more conversational, the more engagement and real. I think this could be the beginning of answering interesting questions which resonate…such as how do you define a “vacation”? When you think of spending quality time with others, how do you most want to do that? What types of new experiences are most memorable for you based on your past experiences? What were you doing and why did that experience stick with you? In your “wildest dreams”, what’s next on the travel frontier?…”

Annie was writing about the blog, but consciously or not she outlined one of the main criteria I am going to use to select the people to invite to join me on Costa Rica.  As well as tips, advice, and fascinating travel experiences, I am especially looking for people who address “interesting questions which resonate.” I wish I had thought to say it that way.

(Disclosure I met Annie 7 or 8 years ago at an Adventure Travel Conference in Chicago.  I have never been her client, but ever time we end up at the same event we have fascinating conversations in which she gives me lot of valuable advice.  Last March she and her family came to Costa Rica for her Father’s 80th birthday. I charged her cost.  Seemed like the least I could do.)

Perhaps describing my goals for the trip will shed more light on how I am going to choose the participants.

  • First and foremost I want to have fun and enjoy the company.
  • I also want to get video of the most highly evolved travelers I can find having a wonderful time.
  • I want to get audio of these same people talking about their experience.
  • I want to use the video and audio clips for training and marketing.
  • I want to advance my own growth and education in exploring the “interesting questions which resonate.”

The length of the trip will be 6-8 days

The way I see  the timing is that it will probably take 6 to 8 months to get enough of a sense of the participants to for me to feel comfortable making the selection.  If I can I will make the selection sooner.  After I make the selection it will surely take a few months of lead-time to come up with dates that work for everybody.

There is a question that I am wrestling with about which I would appreciate your input: Companions. For many of us an intense time  with our life partners is an extremely important  reason to travel.  One the one hand I am worried about losing very valuable participants if I exclude companions.  One the other hand I am concerned about diluting the experience if companions come along who were not part of the process.  Also if everyone brought a companion the group would be too large for the kind of experiences that I have in mind. One thing that occurs to me as I am writing this is to do a couples trip after this first trip.  In any case please let me have your thoughts—-on this question and anything else.

This blog is in the early stage of a work in progress it has already been influenced by your comments and its evolution will very much depend on your input.

Next: Why Vacation Time is Precious instead of Trip Advisors

Oh and one more thing—Can anybody think of a better name than Super-Blogger.

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Comments and Replies

  • […] a moving and eloquent look at vacation goals, if you have not done so already, I suggest you read Patty’s account of, among other things, her trip to China with her […]

    • At January 24, 2010
      3:14:00 pm
      Jan said:

      Hi Michael,

      I agree that your group should only be composed of those individuals that have taken part in your blog. The entire essence of your travel experiment would not be truly validated if partners were included. My husband and I take wonderful trips together and we also do independent travel from one another. I definitely am not interested in going on a fishing,surf or duck hunting trip with him. One is actually being selfish by not giving our spouses or partners the freedom to travel on their own when they have interests that you don’t find enjoyable.

      • At January 03, 2010
        9:31:18 am
        Shannon Borrego said:

        Hi all,
        I’ve been following the comments regarding the pros and cons of including companions on the trip that Michael is planning for the special few selected for the freebie trip. My personal experience is that my husband enjoys travel but it is not the consuming passion with him that it is with me. It appears to me that many of our bloggers share that sense of passion and excitement. I imagine that Michael is looking for a group of like-minded travelers to create a travel experience which is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. If there are couples in which both partners are participating in the blogging and they both feel that level of excitement regarding travel, then I think they both should be eligible to win the trip. However, to include a spouse or companion simply because the chosen participant loves to travel with that person would result in a less dynamic and idea-focused group in my opinion.

        • At December 30, 2009
          11:03:48 pm
          Jan said:


          Vacation time is precious to me because it is an escape into another world from my working and family life. A vacation creates life long memories, learning experiences with different cultures, environments and wildlife. A vacation expands ones world and brings one home refreshed and energized. In a way its like reading a book but one is living the part. The lodges, the side adventure trips,your staff and customer service at CRE definitely added a lasting and colorful experience to our trip in Costa Rica.

          • At January 05, 2010
            10:37:36 am
            Patty replied
            to :

            Hi Jan, I love your idea of travel as “like reading a book but one is living the part.” My husband and I like to read books, fiction, or non-fiction, evocative of the places we are going to visit – it always adds to the experience to imagine what the author or his/her characters saw there. Willa Cather for New Mexico, Keats or Shelley for Northern England, Bill Bryson for hiking in New England, Jonathan Spence for China. Also, for places we’ve never been, great travel writing can put us there in our imaginations! I’d love to see a book discussion on this blog about books that have sparked an interest in a different culture or amplified a travel experience.

            • At January 24, 2010
              4:00:43 pm
              Jan replied
              to :

              Yes Patty, I agree that reading books about your next distination is a wonderful way to educate and enrich one’s trip. The ancient and contemporary cultures in the world are ever-changing and complex. Even a small amount of background reading can help one make sense of the facts and impressions that one will see.

        • At December 28, 2009
          11:32:58 am
          Robert Cohen said:

          Hi Michael,
          Traveling alone can be intimidating for the single crowd. The idea of traveling to another country ALONE can be daunting to say the least. Costa Rica Expeditions brings together an eclectic group of people both singles and couples in a fun environment where you never feel alone. Very few travel experiences offer this opportunity making what you offer unique. I think you need to explore this market further. Therefore I feel companionship is already provided and will enhance your traveling adventure.
          Warm wishes for the holidays and a happy and healthy new year.

          • At December 27, 2009
            8:45:55 pm
            Patty said:

            I love the questions Annie Ellicott raises – perhaps because most of the “traveling” I do now is what I imagine or what I remember from past trips. Reflecting on what “quality time” means or our “wildest dreams” may be as interesting, if not more, than nuts and bolts travel advice for those who have been grounded for a while.

            I would love to discuss how traveling brings out hidden, or new dimensions in people. When I went to China with my mother and got to see her in her home country and native language for the first time, it was like seeing her pop out in 3-D. Here she was, a funny, confident woman – not the shy immigrant I grew up with. For her, it was like everything she had read in history books – the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, becoming real under her feet.

            How do vacations liberate people? In what ways are we willing to try new things, take risks, when we are out of our element? This is of particular interest to me because my own blog is about how with my special needs kids I expect them to go out of their comfort zone all the time and yet as an adult I let myself chicken out of things with excuses “not enough time/money/childcare.” My commitment this year is to learn the things I expect my kids to learn – diving, biking, boogie boarding, ice skating, handstands, etc. no matter how nervous or afraid of embarrassment I might feel. What is it about vacations that makes it so much easier to try sports/activities/food/customs that you ordinarily might shy away from?

            On the question of bringing spouses, I think any permutation could be valuable. My husband and I have traveled together since we were teenagers. We are an interracial marriage – Asian/German/Estonian/American between us – and have always viewed cross-cultural understanding as the great hope for world peace (what a huge statement! but true).

            We brought our daughter to Costa Rica with CRE when she was 6 years old – it was an unforgettable journey for all of us. Since then we have adopted a second daughter from China, and I am at home with them full time (while teaching yoga to children with special needs and doing some public relations consulting as well). Because of how intense it is at home, I think the idea of a solo trip as a way to rediscover the person inside the wife and mother could be the trip of a lifetime. Also, for those with children, it may be easier for one spouse to stay at home. But any opportunity to travel with this group would be “the time of our life”!

            • At December 28, 2009
              11:15:00 am
              Renee Lasher replied
              to :

              Vacation as a liberating experience? What a great question! Perhaps it has to do with removing ourselves from the environments that define us and shape our ideas about ourselves. Outside of that sphere, we have the opportunity to play with our own expectations, because there are none but our own to consider. We can also challenge ourselves more confidently, because if we fail, we can leave it behind. I am afraid of heights, and yet on vacations I have zip-lined, rappelled, and flown on a trapeze. I am not athletic, but on vacation I hike, kayak, even rock-climb (well, sort of – really really easy rock climbing. Did I mention I am not athletic?). I wonder if it works the other way as well. Are there people who are supremely confident in their own setting who become insecure and uncertain when they travel?

              • At December 28, 2009
                10:36:27 pm
                Patty replied
                to :

                Hi Renee, your response made me smile – we are similarly earth-bound at home but allow ourselves a chance to fly while on vacation – although I am really impressed that you have rapelled and trapezed – I haven’t worked up the nerve yet! I recently faced my fear of heights, going upside down, and drowning, when I learned to dive into a swimming pool – I did not do this on vacation, but I did book lessons at swimming pools where I wouldn’t know anyone. There is something liberating about not caring what other people think!

            • At December 28, 2009
              5:12:33 pm
              Michael Kaye replied
              to :


              I have really enjoyed reading this and your comment to my first post. Yours and many of the other comments, highlights the need for navigation and search so that these really valuable thought will not get lost. Unfortunately, the default for navigation and search on the Word Press platform we are using does not include the comments. Hopefully within a couple of weeks we are going to get someone to customize it so it does.

              • At December 28, 2009
                10:45:54 pm
                Patty replied
                to :

                Michael, Thank you so much for your response – I’m excited to be a part of this community! I’m not sure how to navigate comments either – with my blog, when I receive interesting feedback I post it as a new entry to start a new thread/discussion. I would be happy to blog about Vacation Time is Precious and invite my readers to join in, unless this is a closed group? I would wait til you’ve solidified your vision for the group and link to it on a day when the topic is about trying new things, which would fit in well with what my readers are interested in.

          • I have traveled with CRE bringing groups of 15 birders from my nature center, and I have traveled with CRE when I just wanted to get away with a few friends. Of course the most enjoyable was with life partner and shared experiences. Partners often have a different perspective from travel professionals. In terms of a name, “Time of Youe Life” works for me, but a catchy Spanish name might also have a nice ring to it.

            • At December 25, 2009
              6:48:24 pm
              LIsa Poppleton said:

              How about a “travel super-blogger” group name in Spanish? This would connect with the origin of the idea in Costa Rica, the one country in which we have all traveled and which we all love! My Spanish is not proficient, but maybe something along the lines of “los viajeros del mundo.” When the group of 6-8 actually gets together in Costa Rica, I hope it will be pan-American, comprised of Central Americans, North Americans and South Americans. Not that this is only about travel in the Americas, the outlook should be global. But I think there are not enough forums for us in the Western Hemisphere to share ideas and learn more about each other. And what more perfect location than neutral Costa Rica, right in the middle of the bridge spanning the two large continents!
              In response to your question about whether companions should come along on this mini-summit: I feel that would be fine, as long as they pay their own way and understand that they would need to occupy themselves for much of the time. They should not expect to participate in the same activities as the core group you have invited, but could share accommodations with their partner of course, and perhaps be invited to happy hour and dinners with the group. The partners of these super travelers likely have great travel experiences and insights to share as well. They may not be the people you would pick to participate, but they could contribute in a peripheral way that still enriches the outcome.

              • At December 23, 2009
                1:20:22 pm
                elvira said:

                just received your email, however seeing as it is just a day before the christmas holiday season I would be happy to engage more in the New Year.
                blogging is not new to me, yet i rarely find the time to engage
                perhaps the topics have not been that interesting to me.
                however traveling is something that is very high on my list of priorities and I would welcome the time to engage in such a discussion
                I have no marketing experience, and I dont work in the travel industry
                in fact I rarely stay in ‘lodges’ of anysort, unless I think that it will enhance my experience in the country that I am in
                I brought my 70 year old mother to your resort, a few years back and it was one of most memorable experiences in the 2 months that we spent in Costa Rica, prior to that we were circumnavigating the country by public bus and staying in rooms along the way. I flew her down to meet me in Costa Rica, a break from the 16 months that I had spent traveling from Mexico to Punta Arenas in Chile, solo and only by land and sea. It was overall a great experience, one that I had always wanted to do but did not get the chance till my mid 30’s.
                Look forward to engaging more if you feel the input of someone who usually travels independently would enhance the debate.
                HAPPY HOLIDAYS for those who are celebrating at this time of year.

                • At December 28, 2009
                  5:57:47 pm
                  Michael Kaye replied
                  to :


                  By all means please, participate more. Precisely one of the topics that I look forward to exploring on this blog is the relative advantages and disadvantages of traveling independently and using professionals to help plan and arrange vacations.

                • Hi Michael,
                  Cool idea. Sometimes we all need a carrot to really inspire initial participation. I’m an actual customer by the way. Although I usually plan my own trips as an ecotourism buff and TIES member, I must say that your team took the hurt out of doing all the legwork to book my 3 days in Corcovado.

                  I just got back home to Tahoe from a monster roadtrip that took me to the Responsible Tourism conference in Belize and as far as Nicaragua. I had hoped to reach Panama and visit CR again but just got warn out…and ran out of Pesos, Dollars, Cordoba, Quetzales, etc.

                  I love to share my experiences and would be happy to chime in if my expertise is requested. For instance…what’s the best place to take a nap or do some yoga at Tikal, Guatemala? (on top of the Castillo overlooking the Main Acropolis of course!)…or how do you climb a coconut tree and open up your prize? (you can email me for a link to a sweet video of the “Coconut Man” in Placencia, Belize for that one :)

                  As a marketing consultant attempting to work full time in Ecotourism, my specialty is North and Central America. My suggestion may be a selfish one, but what about focusing on Latin America…or Central America. Of course, most of us active travelers are happy to hear the occasional off-topic fun stuff…like where to take a cooking class in Spain…but it seems like your customers and many contacts might find it more useful if there is a tighter focus.

                  Aloha, Pete
                  South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

                  • At December 23, 2009
                    12:51:44 pm
                    mskaye replied
                    to :

                    Pete, I appreciate your point and am glad that you enjoyed the Tent Camp.

                    My idea for topics in this blog is for them to be determined by the interests of the people who participate At this early stage the destination that the participants have expressed the most interest in is Africa.

                    My roots are in adventure and nature travel, but my abiding professional interest is in how to optimize the value of travel to the visitor and the visited, whether the destination is the Acropolis in Tikal or in Athens.

                    Though I would not want to take a cooking class in Spain, my wife, Yolanda would and her and my good friend Virginia Irruita, of Made for Spain can make it happen. Why not cover them as well?

                  • At December 22, 2009
                    9:59:18 pm
                    Lucy Tschop said:

                    My husband and I don’t get to travel as much as some of your other friends so when we do go away, it’s together. I can’t imagine being at a beach, enjoying the sunset, or up in the clouds without him. A picture is good, but a picture together is the best!

                    • At December 22, 2009
                      5:48:55 pm
                      Diane Scarritt said:

                      What could I add to such an illustrious group? I have extensive experience birding with professional guides in Central and South America and one of my favorite trips was less formal, arranged through CRE with the Monteverde Lodge as my before and after stay.
                      I was privileged to see some very rare birds that happen to frequent private land nearby during the breeding season.
                      Last June I saw a jaguar on a limb, less than 20 yards away. I was with a group staying at a lodge in Brazil. Seeing a jaguar has been on my “bucket list” for many years and they are difficult to see in CR, except mounted on the wall of someone who is tired of losing livestock.
                      I have a passion for seeing wildlife, talking to the guides in Spanish, and learning when I travel.

                      • At December 22, 2009
                        11:26:22 am
                        Renee Lasher said:

                        I have traveled with family, with friends, and solo. Without a doubt I connect with other travelers when traveling solo in a way I do not when with family or friends. Perhaps it’s a different experience with a spouse or partner; it would be interesting to explore that. I don’t think a mix of couples and solo travelers would be a bad thing, if everyone is open to the group and not self-isolating. For me, one of the goals when I travel is to meet and connect with interesting people, and by extension learn things I never otherwise would have had the opportunity to learn. All of the cultural contexts that contribute to who we are can also be limiting. I am on a constant quest to expose myself to new places and people to challenge and expand my view of the world. Inertia is a powerful force, and travel is its antithesis. My measure of a really successful trip is one that leaves me with a new way to think about things, not just pretty pictures. Or I should say in addition to pretty pictures, ‘cause who doesn’t love the pretty pictures?

                        • At December 22, 2009
                          10:39:49 am
                          John said:

                          My bride and I have been married for 36+ years, more than 30 of those years I was in the Army. I have traveled to enough exotic places without her, and would find traveling in a singles experience to be quite selfish and not nearly as enjoyable.

                          In the years since I retired, we have traveled with several companies to great places and would be happy to share our comments with other like minded travelers.

                          CRE was the first company we used and it set the standard for our expectations for what a company should provide and what experiences we should look for. Just coming out of 100% cloud cover in a small plane and looking down at the tire tracks that comprise Carate Airport was a great adventure!

                          I’ll be glad to add comments about our travel expeiences, but traveling without my wife? No, never again.


                          • At December 22, 2009
                            7:44:06 am
                            Kari said:


                            A group of singles would probably bond together better than a mixed group of singles/couples. I think finding the right mix of personalities would be challenging…but if everyone is pretty much on the same page for the types of activities, it should be ok. :) K.

                            • At December 22, 2009
                              7:15:41 am
                              Jim Johnson said:

                              It has been approaching five (5) years when we traveled in Costa Rica with Costa Rica Expeditions. In those two weeks, with a guide and a driver, we saw more than anyone, traveling on their own, could have. The experience was one-of-a-kind and fantastic.

                              We often talk of the trip and about returning to Costa Rica. (We did on a cruise that stopped for eight hours at Limon). But, we haven’t really been back — and we’d like to travel there, again.

                              • At December 22, 2009
                                2:42:28 am
                                ENOC said:

                                I travel for very different reasons, Birdwaching, work, visiting family members I have abroad, tourism… But what I always remember and makes me want to return to one place is sharing with the people in the place, getting to know why they do things the way they do, finding out about their local and personal history. For that to happen the traveler’s attitude has to be right (that’s on me) and some time available has to be there “free”.
                                If that is going to be, and you choose me, count me in.

                                About the name, ¿How about lifeblogging trip to costa rica?

                                • At December 22, 2009
                                  2:46:44 pm
                                  Michael Kaye replied
                                  to :

                                  ENOC, You are pointing out one of the great values of travel, getting to know local people. How to help travelers get to know local people when they have a limited amount of time and in many cases have to surmount a language barrier is one of the things that we are continually wrestling with. It is also something that I was thinking of writing about for this blog. If there are more people interested in pursuing this topic let me know.

                                • At December 22, 2009
                                  1:05:44 am
                                  Giovanni said:

                                  it is a good idea a super group..but it s also important known in advance which is the particular interest of every people to have a mixed or a similar group

                                  • At December 21, 2009
                                    11:18:04 pm
                                    Meg Hinkley said:

                                    We are very interested in your trip and sharing our ideas about Costa Rica.

                                    • At December 21, 2009
                                      11:09:01 pm
                                      Meg Hinkley said:

                                      I am very interested in the blog trip with or without my partner, Pau, He was there on the first trp and loved it as much as I. I would love to know more of future trip plans to see if we could be a part, we loved Costa Rica and want more time toknow people and mahke friends, Meg and Paul 4699391107

                                      • At December 21, 2009
                                        10:25:45 pm
                                        Jennifer Fletcher said:

                                        Dear Michael,
                                        Instead of “SuperBlogger”, how about “The Time of your Life”?

                                        This fits in with your idea of vacation-time being precious time when we all want to have what we call “the time of our life”.
                                        Yet there’s a more serious connotation : the awareness of Time passing…..What are you doing with your Life, which is Time ?

                                        As for travelling with a partner, I enjoy it. Didn’t always! But life has a way of coming at you from all sides when you’re young or even in your 40’s & 50’s .Struggles are many – work,desire for success,money,children,ups & downs……Sometimes it’s tough.Yet now, more than 30 years later, a kind of contentment sets in,together with a interest in doing & seeing new things together – a wonderful reward for having stayed the course.
                                        So, yes, I’d prefer to share new experiences with my husband…..
                                        However, if only one of us was able to go,he’s the one who has the most to offer in the way of environmental passion & knowledge.His enthusiasm is contagious! He was in heaven in Costa Rica,talking to all those like-minded people .I could never begrudge him that experience again,if there weren’t room for spouses & partners this time.

                                        • At December 22, 2009
                                          9:16:00 am
                                          Cheryl Shnider replied
                                          to :

                                          I love the name “The Time of Your Life”, Jennifer. It is not only consistent with Michael’s philosophy and the concept of time being precious but it also aptly describes the experience of a really amazing vacation. Kudos on the suggestion.

                                          • At December 22, 2009
                                            2:19:22 pm
                                            Michael Kaye replied
                                            to :

                                            I also love the name “Time of Your Life.”

                                            What do we call the participants in the trip, “Time of Your Lifers?”

                                          • At December 21, 2009
                                            8:43:19 pm
                                            Rob Berndt said:

                                            Hi Michael – I think that the blog is a great idea and I’d be interested in participating. I travel fairly often and blogs are a great tool for researching and getting ideas. I don’t have a set style, sometimes traveling with a group and sometimes traveling independently. I don’t think that there is 1 perfect style. Alot depends on the location and the people that you are traveling with. I have found that traveling independently has made me open up even more and put myself out there and has led to some amazing experiences that I probably would not have experienced had I been traveling with a group. My last 2 independent trips were to the South Island of New Zealand and kayaking in Micronesia. I plan on trekking through Central Asia this year with a friend that I first traveled to Costa Rica with. It will be interesting to see how the experience compares.

                                            • At December 22, 2009
                                              2:04:42 pm
                                              Michael Kaye replied
                                              to :

                                              Rob, If already have accounts of your travels, or get a chance to write them and would not mind sharing them with the rest of the group, Please send them on. No rush because I will not want to post them for a few weeks until we can get the navigation for the blog worked out, but I wanted to mention it before I forgot.

                                            • At December 21, 2009
                                              8:22:29 pm
                                              RICHARD NABHOLZ said:

                                              Great idea, count us in. Recent surgery so more later.

                                              • At December 21, 2009
                                                6:23:31 pm
                                                John cross said:

                                                NO. it seems clear. You make the best decision. No problem Best, John

                                                • Another travel blog posted an article a few weeks back about studies showing that folks who travel on their own and leave their loved ones at home are more likely to break up upon their return… i.e., “traveling solo ruins relationships.”

                                                  It was an interesting theory, which had some support from some travelers. However, I haven’t found that to be the case for me (yet ;)). My wife and I travel quite well together, and have since we took off for Spain only a couple months into our relationship way back when. Unfortunately, her schedule doesn’t allow for her to get as much time off as mine, so I find myself taking one or two trips a year on my own. My last trip to Costa Rica was a solo venture (the next one will be as well).

                                                  Thus far, there haven’t been any adverse effects from these “independent adventures.” In your case, and for the purposes of your research, I assume you have to consider the needs and possible activities that would be dictated by solo vs. couples travel. The backgrounds and interests of your guests will most likely be the most important factors, but I’d assume that the needs, desires and logistical considerations multiply exponentially if you start inviting couples. Planning a separate couples trip seems to make sense from that standpoint at least.

                                                  • At December 21, 2009
                                                    6:27:57 pm
                                                    Michael Kaye replied
                                                    to :

                                                    Interesting, Max

                                                    The relationship between travel alone or together and sustainable relationships is outside of my are of expertise, but I have never let that kind of thing stop me before.

                                                    Of hand it seems to me that if one trip without a life partner is going to put the relationship in danger, your going to break-up sooner or later anyway. In that case sooner the better, so you can get another shot at a relationship that will last.

                                                    One thing I have noticed is that travel heightens experience if your relationship is in trouble going on a trip together will heighten the trouble. If your good relationship is healthy going on a trip together will emphasize why you love each other.

                                                    On a personel note since Max was generous enough to share, I never go on vacation without my wife of over 30 years, Yolanda. I also do me best to entice her to join me when I travel for work.

                                                    That said if the decision for this first Superbloggers trip is no couples, it will apply to me as well.

                                                    Since we are getting to know each other hers the link to Yolanda’s bio on the Costa Rica Expeditions’ web site: