Insights on Travel from Costa Rica Expeditions’ Founder Michael Kaye and his Expert Friends.

Progress Report # 2: We have navigation and notification settings.

Last December it occurred to me that there might be some value in creating a blog that would serve as a vehicle for the world’s best travel planners and arrangers to have an ongoing conversation with sophisticated committed travelers.

To see whether the idea had any traction I wrote it up and mailed it to Costa Rica Expeditions’ list of past travelers as well as to friends who plan and arrange custom travel all over the world.

I called it, “How to tap my and each others worldwide insights,” and made it the first post on this blog.

I should have called it, “Dive in and then Look to see if there is Water in the Pool.”

Next thing I knew I had a blog with over 5000 subscribers, over 100 of whom were actively posting comments many of which were at least as insightful and interesting as my posts.

Looked like my idea was a great success—a success matched only by my ignorance about the limitations of the functionality of standard blogging applications and my impulsiveness in launching the blog before thinking through what kind of navigation and notification functions would be necessary for the blog to fulfill the vision that I outlined in the first post.

I assumed that all I would need was to get one of my IT people to configure the blog application to have the functionality that I needed. I assumed wrong.

Thanks to several of the early participants in the blog, most notably Shannon Borrego, for helping me figure out how to handle navigation and notification. 

Thanks and apologies to Costa Rica Expeditions’ IT people for putting up with me as I found out that hard way that I needed for the blog was not configuration but “development and programming.”

 Clearly it made no sense for me to involve expert travel planners and arrangers from all over the world and suggest that they invite their clients and guests to subscribe until the minimum requirements for navigation and notification were met. Until that happened, I the only way I could keep the blog going without making it much too confusing, was doing all the posts myself.

It has finally happened.

Four months and 3 programmers later you can now go to click on any one of 14 topics and/or 34 destinations and get a page that lists all the posts and comments that deal with the topic or destination that you clicked on.

We also have the potential for subscribers to choose if they want to receive and email each time there is a new post or a weekly email that lists all then new posts.  This will become useful as soon as we have several contributors and more than one post a week.

Most significantly the navigation programming at any time can add a section for contributors. This will allow Vacation Time is Precious to graduate from just being a vehicle for a conversation between Costa Rica Expeditions’ guests and me to being a much more varied and interesting dialog that includes top travel planners and arrangers from all over the world and their guests.

Please go to, click on some of the links report bugs, and let me have your suggestions for improvement.

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2 Comments and 4 Replies

  • At April 14, 2010
    9:49:16 am
    Shannon Borrego said:

    Wow–there is such potential to share valuable information on each of the individual links! I guess it’s now up to all of us to participate by offering suggestions and comments for each of the places we’ve been. Since the name and contact info of the person providing the info is not listed on these links, what would be the best way to ask questions related to someone’s individual suggestions?

    • At April 14, 2010
      4:15:30 pm
      Michael Kaye replied
      to Shannon Borrego:

      Good question, Shannon. In theory if you click on reply if it is a comment the person will get an email with your question and the reply will be published on the blog. That is the theory, but as one of my first computer gurus told me, “Computer Science is an oxymoron.”

      So please help me try it out and reply online (on the browser) confirming whether you received an email. If you did not, I’ll ask the programmer to work on it.

      The idea is that you ask the question online. The person that you asked replies online and that way we all have the benefit of being in on the conversation.

      • At April 15, 2010
        7:29:12 am
        Shannon Borrego replied
        to Michael Kaye:

        It worked, Michael! I received your reply as an e-mail. HOwever, it landed in my SPAM box. So, I guess I need to add the Vacation Time is Precious site to my address book.

  • At April 12, 2010
    8:50:51 pm
    Jennifer Fletcher said:

    Hi Michael,
    You published a comment of mine re a TED lecture by Sir Ken Robinson about education,which I had particularly enjoyed.
    I found my comment in the list of countries ,under UK.
    Though I was born,raised & educated there, I’m now now a Canadian resident & my comment came from here. No doubt the fact that I mentioned education in the UK made you think I was still there!

    • At April 12, 2010
      9:19:20 pm
      Michael Kaye replied
      to Jennifer Fletcher:

      Thans for the heads-up Jennifer. It has been corrected. Hopefully my friend Susie Worthy from Noteworthy in London will be joining shortly and then we will be able to return Jolly Olde England to the list of Destinations.

    • At May 01, 2010
      3:25:05 pm
      Michael Kaye replied
      to :

      Thanks, dude.