Insights on Travel from Costa Rica Expeditions’ Founder Michael Kaye and his Expert Friends.

Guests Help Local Kids Learn English Videos July 13-Aug 23 2010.

This first video gives an overview of the Words Adventure just a week after the program started.  It was shot and produced by my friend John Canning from Media Sherpa.

The next 2 video clips will give you an idea of how far the kids have come in a little over a month. They were both shot and produced by yours truly. The reverse relationship between the production values and the kids’ fluency in English is purely coincidental.

August 14.  The guest is my grandson Steven Woodyard

August 23.  The guest is my friend Andrea Grisdale from IC Bellagio. (If you ever need world-class service in Italy, let me know and I’ll introduce you.)

Please don’t forget to tell your friends about the special out-of-pocket cost packages to people who want to help local kids learn English.  The price for 3 days and 2 nights, including round trip flights from San Jose, 7 meals from breakfast on the day of arrival through breakfast on the day of departure and the two Word Adventure Sessions with all materials and all taxes, which would normally sell in the low season for $484, is $380.  The even bigger bargain is the extra night with 3 meals and an English session for $58 per person.  The normal low season per person price for an extra night and full board is $142.  We never charge for the English session.

The offer is limited to no more than 4 Native English speakers at a time.  All prices are in double occupancy.

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3 Comments and 1 Replies

  • At September 25, 2010
    10:20:14 pm
    Kathleen, the initial instructor said:

    While I was in Costa Rica, clients brought school supplies from Germany and the U.S. The students admired their new supplies so much! A suggestion: If you are participating in The Word Adventure, please ask CRE what the San Francisco school needs. Weigh the supplies + luggage you are taking to The Lodge at Tortugeuro. If you travel via a charter flight with CRE straight into Tortugeuro, there are strict limitations for luggage on the aircraft. CRE will safely keep your additional luggage safe at their offices in San Jose until you reconnect on land. Have a great, safe trip. La pura vida

    • At September 10, 2010
      3:12:26 pm
      Cheryl Shnider said:

      WOW! Very impressive. I especially like how games are incorporated into the learning experience and how visitors of all ages can be teachers. Someday I hope to be one of them! Those kids are lucky to have you in their corner……

      • At September 13, 2010
        6:23:43 am
        Michael Kaye replied
        to Cheryl Shnider:

        And I’m lucky to have such open and enthusiastic kids—not to mention all the other people who are supporting and contributing to this project.

      • At September 10, 2010
        10:12:16 am
        Jennifer Fletcher said:

        These are wonderful!
        Congratulations on getting this up & going,Michael.Takes vision & commitment.