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Some Really Beautiful Videos and and 360º Panaramic Photos

For the first time in the 37 weeks since I started writing weekly posts for this blog I have not been able to block out the time to write a full post.

There are two reasons for this.

The first is that I wanted this week’s post to feature videos that showed the progress of the kids from San Francisco de Tortuguero who are participating in the Word Adventure.  I was quick to discover that my video editing skill are less than somewhat.  With the help of my good friends John Canning from Media Sherpa and Isaac Martinez from I hope to have the videos posted next week.

The second reason is that the Emmy award winning documentary series ADVENTURES WITH PURPOSE, hosted by my great friend of over 40 years Richard Bang is going to be shooting in Costa Rica in the beginning of November.  Costa Rica Expeditions is responsible for all of the logistics, which at the moment exist only in my head.  Yolanda and I leave a week from Monday for our annual Autumn month in New York.  I am working over time to get the ADVENTURES WITH PURPOSE logistics documented and delegated before I leave.  Otherwise I’ll be stuck doing them in the apartment while Yolanda goes out alone to shop.

So for some great eye candy click on the links above.  It took all my discipline to quit watching  the videos and go back to writing this,  when I checked  to make sure the links were working.

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1 Comment

  • At September 01, 2010
    6:56:38 pm
    Jennifer Fletcher said:

    re: Isaac Martinez 360 videos – I’ve just made myself quite dizzy- trees were whizzing around the sky in Tortuguero Lodge until I finally realized I could stop it by clicking.
    I wish I could lose weight as fast like the people in downtown Tortuguero- even the dogs got fat & thin.
    Gorgeous photos .Thank you.
    I would probably be a gibbering idiot if I had to do all you have lined up in the next 2 months, Michael.I am impressed- & you managed to get this out ,too.
    Hope your stay in NY is restful & interesting.