Insights on Travel from Costa Rica Expeditions’ Founder Michael Kaye and his Expert Friends.

Why I Travel and do what I do:Early Influences:

I can trace my interest in Travel to two experiences in the 50’s.

The first was when I was ten years old and found a box of National Geographic Magazines. I was so engrossed that for weeks I returned to those magazines every chance I got.

It was not because of the articles or even the photos of bare-breasted women of color. What caught my attention were the travel ads in the back. The places themselves were secondary, but the idea that you could actually visit strange fascinating places had me spellbound.

At the bottom of each ad was a coupon for a brochure. I sent for them all and poured over them for hours. Had someone asked me why I wanted to visit far-off places, I would have not have known how to answer. That was 1951.

Flash forward 27 years: My wife Yolanda our 5 and 7 year old children and I moved from on the brink of civil war El Salvador to Costa Rica and started Costa Rica Expeditions.

Three years later I wrote, “Our dream is to promote the type of tourism which is mutually beneficial and nourishing to both the visitor and the visited.”

The ensuing decades  have been a quest to fulfill that dream  Early on I came to the conclusion that what is most beneficial and nourishing thing about traveling is that it reawakens in us a sense of awe and fascination which can immeasurably enriches our daily lives, the majority of which are spent not traveling.

It was not March 2010, almost 6 decades since I devoured travel brochures in dull indoor light that I came up with a succinct way to say it:

“If you live every day of your life as if you are on a wonderful journey through an endlessly fascinating, strange land — you are.”

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2 Comments and 0 Replies

  • At October 20, 2010
    5:39:34 am
    Ruth Marie Lyons said:

    Michael, I am so glad you did what you did all those years ago when you began CRE because traveling with CRE has added immeasurably to our travel experience. So much so that we are returning for the 4th time on Jan. 31, 2011 to have what will be, I am sure, a wonderful experience with Charlie and Nino. We continue to travel to other destinations, with other guides and companies BUT we seem to be drawn back every so often to Costa Rica and would not dream of traveling there with our the help of CRE. Thank you for being there for all the travelers who recognize the BEST! We are looking forward to another outstanding experience!

    • At October 19, 2010
      2:55:47 pm
      Rozie said:

      Although I don’t always take the time to read your communications/blogs, I love receiving them. It reminds me of the wonderful time we had in Costa Rica, thanks to your company. It’s one of our most memorable family vacations. I almost feel guilty that we have not had the chance to return. But like you suggest in this e-mail, there are so many places to see in the world. Our “bucket” travel list keeps growing, and we try to knock a few off each year. But I hope we have time to go back to some of the “bucket revisited” list again and Costa Rica will definitely be at the top!
      Thanks for the great memories!