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My Brand New Teva Sandals

When this post is published,  I will be traveling with Richard Bangs and the crew from Adventures with Purpose from highlands of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to wetlands of Palo Verde National Park wearing my brand new Teva Sandals.

Actually I’ll probably be wearing my 15-year-old Hi Tec boots, but I was so impressed with the company from which I bought my brand new Tevas that I was stretching to find a lead in to tell you about them.

A few days before we were due to leave to film rafting on the Pacuare, my venerable old Teva River Sandals fell apart.

Since the Tevas I wanted are not available here, I bought a new pair online and had them sent to Richard.

Actually,  I had them sent to his wife Laura, because I once sent Richard some presents to bring to Costa Rica for my grandkids. He got confused and gave them to his son.

A few hours after the final  click, I realized that I had sent them to the wrong address.  So I wrote the company and asked them to change the address.  I received a quick reply confirming that the address had been changed, but when I checked the tracking the address had not been changed.

So I called the company.  I got an immediate answer from a real human being who called UPS and confirmed that now the address would be changed. But when I checked the tracking the address still had not been changed.  So I called again.

I’ve lost track of how many times I repeated the cycle, but at some point I got an email from  Jennifer Beverley, customer service Sierra Trading Post apologizing for the problem and  telling me that they had resent the order to arrive in time for Laura to bring it to me in Costa Rica. What’s more she credited my MasterCard with the $29 that  I had spent for overnight shipping.

Laura and Michael and the new Tevas.

I have been buying from Sierra Trading Post for many years because they have such good prices. Until now I have never had a chance to test their service.

Now I know that their service is even better than their prices.  I wanted to pass it on.

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Comments and Replies

  • At November 11, 2010
    3:16:24 pm
    Chris Parrott said:

    Hi Michael, greetings from Georgetown Guyana. To continue your theme, I’m getting more and more into buying stuff online, seduced by both price and convenience and, mostly, excellent service.

    With two exceptions: both Amazon. The slowness of receipt of goods (a Guide book in French about Suriname, itself a former Dutch colony) I put down to the unusualness of the request and the fact that I wanted it sent to France.

    The second disappointment occurred when I tried to order some coin batteries for a wildlife guide in Iwokrama rainforest, so he could get his mp3 player working again. He can’t order them himself because the postal service in Guyana’s too bureaucatic actaully to deliver anything from overseas.

    So the plan was that I’d get them and take them with me. Yet again they didn’t arrive on time.

    So from now on, I’ll avoid using Amazon, even though the price looks good.


    • At November 11, 2010
      3:32:56 pm
      Michael Kaye replied
      to :

      Hi Chris,

      It might be a UK thing. Here in the ex-colony, my experience with Amazon has not been as dramatic as Sierra Trading Post, but it has been good.

      Have you been to Angel Falls yet?

    • At November 10, 2010
      11:20:58 pm
      Jennifer Fletcher said:

      Couldn’t agree more, Michael.Sierra Trading Post’s a great company.
      I got a great Pacsafe bag from them ,at an excellent price.My friend liked it, so I had to order one for her,too!
      I often check their site out because of their quality & prices.
      I’ll certainly pass around your $29 refund story.
      Your filming odyssey sounds exciting!

      • At November 10, 2010
        2:51:04 pm
        Alison Olivieri said:

        God, I love my Tevas. I love them to pieces. They are heading toward pieces now so maybe I will do what you did. Hugs and kisses from San Vito, Alison

        • At November 09, 2010
          8:39:43 pm
          Ruth Marie Lyons said:

          Hi Michael,
          Glad to hear that you like Sierra Trading Post! I have been shopping with them for over 25 years and have never had a problem with merchandise or service. They are super! Glad you think so too! Highly recommended by me as well as by you.

          Hope you are having a great time traveling with the TV crew!

          Ruth Marie