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Get Your Documents in Order: Passport Day is April 9.

Here’s a useful post from Conde Nast Traveler’s Jaunted blog. Jaunted is one of the travel blogs that I read regularly.

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By JetSetCD, 2011-03-16 08:16:41

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It’s baaaack! National Passport Day will for a third year, after the successes that had lines going around the block to do official passport business on a Saturday. Mark you calendars and cancel any fun weekend plans you had, because this second annual Passport Day will be April 9.

Passport Day was created by the State Department to give working men, women and families—who otherwise can’t make Passport offices’ limited weekday business hours—a chance to turn in their paperwork and deal with passport-related issues. Apply for a new passport, renew one, get extra pages added…whatever.

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