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Join us for the 2011 MS New York City Bike Ride.

Last October Yolanda and I rode in the New York City Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride.

We had great ride, met some fun people, and along the way helped a good cause.

We learned that many of the riders were members of teams.  The teams come from large corporations, small groups of family and friends, and everything in between.

I’m wondering if any of you would be interested in riding with us on a Vacation Time is Precious Team for this years ride on Sunday Oct 2.

Yolanda and I will do 30-mile ride around Manhattan.  Fifty and a hundred mile rides are available for the young and strong.  We’ll find someplace to come together after the ride and get to know each other.  The minimum donation is $150 a person.  Non-bikers can become virtual participants and join the party afterwards.

Let us know.  If I get some interest, I’ll set up a team on the MS Ride Web Site and write personally to those who are interested on how to join.

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