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A Discount for Your Friends. This is a Test.

Largely based on your input I have decided to do a very small pilot program offering discounts for friends of past guests.

That is, the number of discounts will be very small.

The size of the discounts for the pilot program only, on the other hand, will be quite big.

Here’s how it is going to work:

We will send a discount certificate with a 15% discount to the first 10 readers of this blog who send me an email at with “Discount for Friends” in the subject line.

I have designed the certificate below to respond to Chase’s qualm about the “fine print.”

The amount of the discount will probably never be this high again, so. If you get one, give it to a really good friend who is highly likely to use it.

Assuming that you are your own really good friend and likely to use it, feel free to give the certificate to yourself.

It would be a drag if future guests who already paid asked for the discount, but I did not want to clutter up the certificate with another condition. So I have decided to hope it doesn’t happen. If future guests who already paid present the certificate we’ll explain that we will honor the discount if they insist, but it will mean that we will put the condition on all future certificates.  If they still insist we will of course give them the credit.

So here we go.  I’ll look for your emails and keep you abreast of how this plays out.  As well as (or instead of) writing to get a certificate please let me have you comments and suggestions.

By the way everyone who commented on last week’s post gets a bag of coffee…or chocolates or something.

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11 Comments and 0 Replies

  • Pode aparentemente aparecer para voc锚 caro como as pessoas que vivem na Su铆莽a tem que contratar um eletricista certificado sempre que h谩 problema menor energia el茅trica em suas casas ou escrit贸rios.
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    • At July 07, 2011
      10:55:48 am
      Gary Estis said:

      HI, I hope I qualify for one of the discount certificates. Please let me know by return email.

      • At July 07, 2011
        10:53:44 am
        Patricia Grossman said:

        Hi Michael,

        We are interested!

        Vic and Pat

        • At July 06, 2011
          4:31:23 pm
          Kristin Koptiuch said:

          Hi, I’d love to get the discount, if I could use it as late as the end of next June 2012. Thanks and best wishes. Kristin koptiuch

          • At July 06, 2011
            4:29:14 pm
            Patty Chang Anker said:

            Hi Michael, I would be happy to receive a certificate, but I do so
            much word of mouth for you regardless feel free to give it to someone else who might add more where there wasn’t before.

            Same goes for the chocolate — feel free to save mine for me to eat while lounging on your hammock with Yolanda one day…

            • At July 06, 2011
              4:27:19 pm
              Heather Lehmann said:

              We loved our Costa Rica expedition – everyone should get a chance to experience the country like we did!

              • At July 05, 2011
                9:50:33 pm
                Amanda Garcia said:

                what number am i in line?

                • At July 05, 2011
                  5:36:19 pm
                  Becky Hanks said:

                  Hi Michael!
                  This is in response to your “test.”
                  While I personally like this idea, especially since
                  we have recommended you and your company to
                  several of our friends, I also wonder if this
                  will increase the recommendations, or just reward
                  those of us who would give out your name anyway.

                  Just recently, two of our friends took trips (one honeymoon,
                  and one anniversary) on our recommendation with you! Both
                  report wonderful experiences– so thanks for proving us right!
                  However, if we receive a discount, we have one other couple
                  who is contemplating a trip with you also, and will forward it
                  on to them…

                  Thanks for your blogs. I find them very entertaining!

                  Becky Hanks

                  • At July 05, 2011
                    5:34:32 pm
                    Nancy said:

                    I’m my very own good friend and trying to bring other good friends for my birthday. There is no expiration date or limit to party size on the certificate. Any limits?

                    The only limits are

                    Terms & Conditions
                    One certificate per booking
                    Not valid for travel between December 17 and January 6.

                    • At July 05, 2011
                      5:30:09 pm
                      Max Waugh said:

                      I’ve had some more inquiries about the tour in the last week or so, though folks are concerned about the cost (hopefully if we get 6 people lined up they’ll jump on it). If not, I may have to hand over the 15% Off certificate to one lucky couple… or just use it for myself if I come down for a scouting trip this year. ;)

                      • At July 05, 2011
                        5:28:44 pm
                        Sam Morrissey said:

                        Please consider my request for a discount. We loved our trip with Costa Rica Expeditions and always recommend you to friends!!