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A Great Opportunity for Photographers.

I almost never use this blog to pitch Costa Rica Expeditions’ Programs.

Max Waugh’s and William Granados’ photo tour to Costa Rica from March 2-11 is so special that I have made it one of two exceptions. (Our program in which guests help local kids learn English is the other.)

Habitual readers of this blog have already met Max and William in Patty Chang’s account of the trip of a lifetime.  If you missed them you should read about them here and in many more of Patty’s posts.

The dynamic between these two passionate photographers and nature lovers will make the experience infinitely better than merely honing your photographic skills and observing wildlife.

Red-eyed Tree Frog. Photo Max Waugh.

If you know any wildlife photographers, you’ll be doing them a favor by letting them know about this tour.  If you ever thought you wanted to get into wildlife and landscape photography do yourself a favor.

To guarantee an intimate experience and plenty of individual time to work on photographic skills we are limiting the size of the group to six guests.  There are 4 spaces left.

The cost is $2590 per person in double occupancy.

You can find more details at

Even if you can’t make the tour and don’t have time to visit the site if you enjoy beautiful images of wildlife watch the video below.

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