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September 11. A Different Perspective.

A recurring theme in my life, and in this blog, has been that the greatest value of travel is gaining new perspectives.

It happened again this September 11, when Ed Defrietas of the Five Borough Bike Club took Yolanda and me along with 7 other bicylers on a ride to Bayonne, New Jersey to see  the monument pictured below.

As soon as I saw it, the single tear drop between the two broken towers moved me more than any other September 11 remembrance   I have seen to date.

Then I noticed this plaque.

Then I walked up and read it.

And not a day has gone by since that I have not thought about it at least once.

We’re still in New York. Life has been even more hectic than usual, and I have not had a chance organize my thoughts about this.  But I did want to share the experience, and would love to read how it strikes you.

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